Survivor Camp – 2014

18 June 2014

This year our annual cub camp will be at Milldale. The theme will be ‘Survivor Camp’ and we will be putting into practice a lot of the skills we have learnt at Cubs during the last few months. The camp will be great fun and all Cubs will take home very happy memories and a sense of achievement.

Camp will take place at Milldale -Friday 27th June to Sunday 29th June.

This section contains information that is useful to parents. More will be added in the coming weeks leading up to the camp.

Kit List – please read carefully and ensure you have everything your cub needs well in advance of the camp. Please contact Chris, Nikki or Teresa for further advice – we are happy to help.

Camp Rules – it is very important that all cubs know and understand the camp rules. We will go through the rules at a cub meeting but we need parents to re-enforce the rules. The rules are there to keep all the cubs safe.

…link to camp rules here…

…link to kit list here…


Please drop your child off at the Car Park at 5.45 pm and no later than 6pm on Friday 27th June.

Cubs should wear kit suitable for a fun run and MUST be wearing their neckers. Please note that the district fun run will be taking part that evening so there may be lots of cars coming and leaving. Follow the directions of the Car Park attendants (let them know your child is camping) or look out for the 26th. All Cubs must be registered with a 26th leader before you leave them.

The clothes they use for the fun run may get wet or dirty, please provide a labelled plastic bag so they can be bagged up and stored away from their dry clothes.

All their bags and kit MUST be labelled. Due to time constraints we may have to take some of their kit down to the camp for them and we need to know what belongs to whom.


Please collect your Cub at 2pm on Sunday 29th June, at the Milldale car park. All Cubs must be signed out by a leader before they leave.


Some Cubs will be leaving site to go to the Willaston Worm Charming. For those that are leaving they may be collected at 1pm and brought back at 4pm. Parents, please stick to these times so as not to disrupt the rest of the Camp and the activities. Pick up and drop off will be at the Car Park. Please note that Cubs will not have lunch before they leave Camp.


We will need the following help. If you can help at any of the times below please e mail me, Chris Pullan. Anyone helping at the Camp over the weekend will need to be CRB checked so please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.

Thursday 26th June – Loading trailer and setting up tents / camp at Milldale.

Saturday – CRB required (am and/or pm) – helping to prepare lunches and dinner, and possibly helping with the activities (give the leaders a break)

Sunday – CRB required(am) – helping to prepare lunch

Sunday (pm) – helping to take down the Camp and pack into trailer.

Monday (evening) – help to unpack trailer and put all the kit away.


Chris Pullan