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18 Oct 2014

Would you like to see our GSL’s star turn by the camp fire? Of course you would. Grab a drink and a biscuit and behold the air guitar (or frying pan) talent!

22 Oct 2013

What a fantastic weekend we have just had.
57 Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, 15 Leaders, Scouts in 50 countries chatted with and a chippy tea.  What more could we want.
We spoke to Scouts in countries from Australia to Zimbabwe and Skyped with groups in Norway, Yorkshire and Derbyshire.  The chippy tea was tasty, the cake and custard cups even more so.
There was Dungeons and Dragons, Scalextric, table tennis, various board games and even a light sabre battle (well a number of battles).  A number of our new Cubs and Scouts had …

21 Oct 2012

Thanks to all of you who attended JOTI at the Hut – wow, what an amazing success!! At the end of this post I will list the countries we talked to – bear in mind that some of them we spoke to several cities and places. We have illustrated a world map of our conversations and will display this at the hut. You can also view the JOTI gallery on this website.  If other Scouts have joined in from home and can add any other countries then great! I really want …